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Full Version: New Iron-Version: 28.0.1550.0 Stable for Windows
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The new iron version got released today..

the direct windows link is below, but it is as usual available for mac, linux.

and lets not forget it has a portable version.

New Iron-Version: 28.0.1550.0 Stable for Windows
by SRWare ยป Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:10 am

We released the new Iron 28 today, which contains all features and updates known from Chromium 28. The current version is 28.0.1550.0.

Main improvements:
- new rendering engine "Blink"
- Rich Notifications
- Security-/Bugfixes


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on a later note..i guess everyone has seen this below.

protected content
Some content services use machine identifiers to uniquely identify you for the purposes of authorizing access to protected content.

Allow identifiers for protected content (computer restart may be required)

the above protected content paragraph is a new setting incorporated into google chrome and iron..

this is the start of a new era of copyright freaks in hollywood and other companys.. the controllers who have been pressureing google more and more to bend to there demands. i do not support copyright infringement however this can be abused!!! this is the start of a back door process to peer into your life.. this option can be enabled with a restart of your system..skittles recommendations are hardware spoofers yet still available on the net if you hurry.. also there are a few applications that just hide the hardware i.d.. i have every last one ever made of course. lol.. anyway if your still useing windows xp i highly suggest sygate firewall as it has a feature built in to help with identifiers... simply use two firewalls, and make sure there compatiable.. i use three ,, so dont let anybody tell you this is impossible..!! my system is fast as ever.. and everything works in perfect unity..

raymonds website can help you with the above strategy.. use the search bar within his website.. also if your just stuck contact me on private message... good luck.

also might i add everybody thinks they need java to view the web.. thats not entirely true people.. you only need javascript to do certain things, but mostly everything is fine with even that disabled.. or you can enable javascript on a case by case basis... also concerning flash, i highly suggest you remove it from your system.. then if you need flash simply freeze your system and install it.. after re-boot all traces of flash is gone.. then just keep doing that whenever you need flash..

i have logged into tip radar right now and am writeing this for you with no javascript, no flash,, and absolutely hardly anything else to identify me.. now if i needed to insert a hyperlink or post a image here then i would need to enable javascript for tipradar.. hope the newbies are learning something, everyone else just indure.. thanks.