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Full Version: My feedback of 2 and a half years
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I remember joining tipradar for an ASC 3.x Pro giveaway in 2010/2011 (Too lazy to see the registration date Tongue )

I was a hardcore leecher back then (Most of my friends here would know this)

Still remember the old mods like dellen13(Correct me if I am wrong) and some members like grr , ShadowMaster(S-M) , Mike , amazingAG , vaibhavsr (Dunno if most even remember me Tongue) and also the ones which are currently inactive like raina , rohit and maybe some more

Spent most of the time back then @this site only
Was a top poster then and also used to organise giveaways back then

Now I am in college (High school) , more interested in Android modding @xda and don't even visit the site regularly (Still do occasionally though) Tongue

But still I am indebted to you guys to help me kickstart my online presence grin

Thanks TipRadar

akiratoriyama a.k.a Jay Mehta
Anyone with the joker as their avatar deserves +1! I'm new here (old in age but new in area) but I hope this isn't a goodbye Jay! Do you hang some place else these days?
Nah this is not a goodbye thread
On the contrary this is a-kind-of comeback thread
I mainly hang on XDA , Quora and some other sites
Hoping to hangout here more regularly
Most of the old members know me Smile
BTW Joker FTW \m/ grin

P.S. I typed out this and also the whole post above in my mobile dunno how I typed this much Tongue
Glad to hear it! I've only recently discovered this place but am surprised that it managed to stay hidden from me this long! I've been online for many years and yet somehow this awesome source has escaped me despite the free & legal software along with it's contests which only make me like it more with the enjoyable sense of 'competition' in the mix for some giveaways! My brother cautioned me against it under the thoughts that free software can't be legal but I've since had my doubts squashed after a few emails with the devs!
ive done the same just not here. im active on 3 strongly.. and many ive not visited in awhile. so welcome back and nice to meet.
Thanks Jay.
Don't waste your time writing such posts. Just come back to sit here again! Applause
Good to see your back.
Thanks guys Smile