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Full Version: Cent OS 6.4
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Hi, all i downloaded Cent OS 6.4
1. CentOS DVD1
2. CentOS DVD2

I am new with centOS i just want to know what is the use of DVD 2, DVD 1 is enough for the installation i am confused Huh please
tell me what is the use of DVD 2 of Cent OS 6.4
Basically, the 2nd disc contains optional rpms and repos. They are useful if you are installing stuff on a non-networked system or particular packages.
A standard CentOS install shouldn't need DVD #2 cause all the required packages fit in the first disc.
I think i am understanding centOS with your answer Mark
np glad to help
Interesting, just looked up Centos, not sure I'd recommend it as a general purpose distro, as it's derived from RHEL (RedHat Enterprise Linux) - from released open source (they have to, according to GPL) and debranded.

Of course, if you NEED an Enterprise distro, fine, but it's going to be heavy on the server sort of stuff and light on entertainment.
you can customize installation packages and choose what to install