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Full Version: More interactive reviews
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Currently the review guidelines are as follows:

Quote: .doc/.docx format
Times New Roman
12pt Font
Double Spaced
Screenshots 600px
At least 4+ Pages (including Screenshots)

Have you ever considered expanding the review types to include interactive flash files? (swf) where the user could click to continue. They could 'see' more and read less?

I haven't tried making one myself (yet), but I've seen them around in the past. I expect they'd be more difficult to make and take up much more space then the html w images but I think it'd be a neat way to be able to do them.
nice idea, but flash files are quite nightmare and doesn't fit well on the site.

Thanks though
Thanks for the idea byte. We do have video reviews if you would like to go that way with your review.
Nice idea, but those flash one's have to be paid reviews then. grin
I think that'd be nifty but voted it's fine as it is because I have trouble finding people to do just an ordinary review.