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Full Version: Giveaway of the Day - Hard Drive Inspector 4.19
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Imagine how you would feel if you had suddenly lost all the data from your computer: all documents, e-mails, addresses, accounts, saved passwords, photos, music, and video. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what will happen when your hard drive, a computer part which stores information, crashes.
Since the hard drive has constantly rotating mechanical parts it suffers from wear and tear. And it can break down any moment without prior notice leaving you with ashes, naked. Yes, a hard drive is just a piece of metal and easy to replace, but can you as easily restore its unique contents reflecting years of your life and work? Prevention is better and much cheaper than cure. Use Hard Drive Inspector which continually monitors disks’ health and warns you in case of danger, thus reducing your chances of shocking “surprise”. Install Hard Drive Inspector for free now, tomorrow may be too late for your hard drive.

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