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Full Version: Cerberus: The Puppy (Android) for Free (24h)
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* to unlock full version > launch game > redeem > enter "appgratis" (without ")
★ Cerberus The Puppy is FREE today with AppGratis ★

A fun and challenging puzzle game that you have been looking for! Great for kids (7 or older) and casual gamers.

Cerberus is the three-headed hound who guards the Hades' house and his hobby is licking delicious bones. One day, Hades's treasures were stolen while his puppy was happily playing in the garden. That made Hades very angry. He ordered Cerberus to follow the thief's clues to find back all treasures or "NO BONE FOR BAD DOG".
Poor puppy! Let’s help Cerberus on his journey finding back all the orbs for Hades.
90 levels across 5 islands: Endless Field, Desert Field, Styth River, Olympus, and Crazy Island.

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