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Full Version: Giveaway of the Day - Aml Maple 3.49
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[Image: dex6.gif]

Aml Maple is the keyboard layout indicator for Windows. Aml Maple is a new point of view at keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern, flexible. Aml Maple indicates the active layout being currently used (the language you are typing at this particular moment). It is always in front of you, exactly at the place you are typing!

An usage is very simple. For example, you can configure the red cursor for English and blue cursor for French (or any other). Once you change your language layout, the cursor color will be is changed accordingly.


It’s easy to find — just look at the typing place or mouse cursor;
It’s easy to understand — current layout can be indicated with colored symbols and/or national flag icon;
It’s easy to use — indicator is compatible with absolutely most of the programs: both windowed and console;
It’s easy to setup — 8 interface languages, 30 language layouts are supported out-of-box.

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