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Full Version: How To Use Linux Commands On Windows
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Linux users always consider them superior when compared with Windows user. The way they type commands scares a guy who has never used *inx based OS. Here, I don’t want to be in the debate of Linux vs Windows and which Operating system is more secure & blah. It is so because I know security is vast field and there are many factors involved in it. If you think by default Linux is secure OS then you are living with a false sense of security. Anyway, this topic is more about GNU core utilities which run on *inx based OS. A Linux user is not more techie than a windows user, but the only difference is that they use the command line more often than windows user. If you install GNU core utilities on your windows machine, then this difference can be narrowed. And of course you need to use them in you daily routine work. Just installation won’t do the job. In this article i will teach you how to use Linux Commands In Windows OS.
First, we should say thanks to Richard Stallman for his GNU project. And please understand that GNU is not Linux neither Linux is GNU. To know more about GNU you can read wiki link Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
. The utilities/commands which Linux users use are under GNU. The point here is you don’t need to have a Linux OS to use these command, because now almost all GNU utilities can be ported on Windows OS. If you are not Linux user then you can learn these commands under Windows. Once you have good hands on them, later you can shift to *inx based Operating System. Then it would be easy for you to operate Linux.

There are people who are quite familiar with Linux, but in their working environment they have to use Windows. Yes, Windows is a necessary evil and we can’t avoid it. I frequently use grep and wget for windows during my work. In addition there are core utilities for file and text manipulation which you can download from the link below. Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
During my work whenever I moved from Linux to Windows, I always typed command “ls –la” to list the directories. After getting message “command is not recognized”. I realized I am in windows now. This made me to search GNU based utilities for windows. I installed them and added bin directory path under PATH environment variable. Now my work is easier as I type same commands on both operating systems. Try your hands on it and enjoy Linux like environment under windows Cmd.
[Image: GNU-commands-on-Windows-OS-CMD.png]
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