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Full Version: Linux Kodachi pre-configured stealth
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most interesting and caught my eye. never tried it but made me double glance..!! never seen something like this exactly before. tempted to install it just to peek.. thanks volunteers at gizmos. let me know if your brave enough to give it a try before me. im anxious to hear your experience. still undecided if i want to try or not.

Linux Kodachi

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Thanks for the share
Thanks Thumb
ive been running this lately, and for newbies dont be afraid it finds your wifi adaptor and drivers instantly. its pretty much run and go!! tor built inside, and vpn built inside. this will make a great learning tool for anyone who has never even heard of linux or dared try it.. you can read to your hearts desire offline and learn so much!! everything is so simple and laid out for you.. even if you dont understand what is a conky or other strange words to windows users you will still be perfectly okay.. play with this offline and experiment..i would give this distro first to anyone who has never even dared to try linux.. it is not my favorite, but i would give this to my grandmother and have her doing basic web surfing in 20 minutes!!!
A perfect tool for learner, thanks skittles
Been trying different versions of linux ubuntu mint kubuntu aqnd puppy linux other than puppy i can not get any of them to connect wireless all ok with ethernet cable puppy has built in program to get you installed wireless
this distro and linux lite should not give you problems with wireless adaptors.. perhaps explain to me and i may help..
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