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Full Version: House of Fear Escape Ad-Free for Free (24h)
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This is the scariest game on Google Play: House of Fear - Escape!

House of Fear - Escape is the best free to play point and click adventure game!

You want to have fun and you are scared of ghosts? Then you need to download this game full of ghosts!

The latest version of the most terrible game House of Fear!

You wake up in a dark room. You have to find out how to release your friends and get out of this haunted house. Will you be able to free them and yourself from this spooky house?

Many puzzles to solve, obstacles and ghosts to face and even more secrets to unveil...

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Note : appgratis giveaway. Today you get the ad-free version, worth $3.08 for FREE!
Doesn't shows appgratis ad-free on the Google Play link