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Full Version: Cheapest way to go SSD..
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Newegg had the 32GB Sandisk ReadyCache for $30 over the holidays, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Sandisk rep has said if you just format it as a normal drive it'll work as a boot drive. Of course it's a bit small for todays Windows, I'm thinking of putting together a system with say the next Linux Mint LTS based on Ubuntu 14.04 due out in April, which features native TRIM support.

So I'm not sure how much of this is really hardware oriented, but didn't know where else to put the thread. It's really more like fun things to do with holiday deals you scored. Smile
not bad, but i would get a larger ssd, anyway it's a good test for that price
still SSDs are too costly.
Yes and I am pretty cheap - but with the Newegg sale on the Kingston 120gb I got Amazon to price match it since I have a gift card for Amazon so I got a decent size one commin...