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Full Version: [Forum Exclusive] Make Us Laugh - Photo Caption Contest - 33
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[Image: fnz0pu.jpg]

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A lake of crocodiles!

Every photo is worth a 1,000 words. In this case we're looking for the best 20 words (or less) in our weekly photo caption contest. To enter this contest simply create a humorous or witty caption for the photo posted and reply below. The winner will be chosen in 7 days and receive a Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
(worth $29.00) as this weeks prize.

Please make sure your messaging is on and you request through PM (private message) within 7 days of the winners announcement or your win will be void.

After looking over all the captions posted I have decided on a winner. mynamehere is the chosen winner of this contest. I want to thank everyone who participated as there were many great captions. Good Luck to everyone on the next photo caption contest.
Oh S***! Alligator S*** that is!!! I hope they don't hold it against me that I am wearing alligator shoes!

On your mark...
Get Set...
Wait for it...
Wait for it...
GO !!!

I dont need this but wanted to join in and comment.. Thanks Mike!!
This is the correct situation when we go for vote. We need to choose between bad and the worst.
malkhaz "Oh LORD, thanks so much for this Delicious Giveaway"
Aaagh.. CUT! Look, I told you guys, you've got to wait for the SPLASH. Now let's try it again.
Get Ready folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh no, Crocodile Dundee came back! Let's flee!
Out of the frying pan, after the fire, find a lake to help you land on your feet...or not.

*Just for fun*
lunch time surp
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