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Full Version: protecting yourself useing IDM. internet download manager
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a quick tip to those of you who walk away from your computer useing IDM internet download manager.

download peerblock the old version or the latest if you wish.

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now i prefer you use a vpn, but regular connection is ok.
open notepad
enter this.
now save this as blockall.p2p
now open up peerblock ,select list manager, click add. now click add file. and browse to where you saved the blockall.p2p.and select this to add as a list.
you should have about 4,294,967,289 showing in your blocked ip addresses now.

now please disable peerblock and go to your download you want and start your file download. now click enable and then quickly disable.. you should see first your vpn connection ip, or your regular connection ip.. right click on it and click permanent allow.. now enable peerblock again and quickly disable.. now you should see the actual download address you are connected too.. click permanently allow.. now enable again and it will block all ip addresses there except your actual connection and that of your download address.. you are therefore fortified!! this will also block the phone home connection to internet download managers homebase. so please update prior to useing this tactic. you will be surprised to see what actually attempts to communicate even with your firewall running dureing this process. blocklists can be very handy with other ideals but with long downloading i suggest you use my own suggestions.. good luck, and any questions as always please ask.. skittles.
Thanks skittles
Thanks Skittles Thumb
Thanks skittles Worship
Thanks skittles, too lazy to do all this...Lolz
Nice Advice, thanks !
isn't it aimed to stop internet download manager to stop calling home ?
thank you for the tip.
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