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Full Version: (Android) Sharky Filters / Ballance Resurrection 3D for Free
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Quote:Sharky Filters for Free

★ Unlock the full version of Sharky Filters, FREE today with AppGratis! ★
Create gorgeous retro & antique & vintage effects with your photos!!
- Curve & Vintage filter pack
- Nostalgia filter pack
- Faded filter pack
- Contrast & Exposure
- Hue & Saturation & Bright
- Highlight & Shadow
- Blur & Vignette & Fade
- Focus adjustments
- Crop photos
- Light Leaks
- Artistic Badges
- Hipster stickers
- Love stickers
- Hair stickers
- Glasses stickers
- Borders

Great alternative to Filtergram, Afterlight, Rookie photo editor.

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Quote:Ballance Resurrection 3D for Free

★★★ Special bonus today with App of the Day ★★★
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Ballance Resurrection is a free 3D game combining the elements of arcade and puzzle, where an errant ball is the only character. This story originated in the early 80s with the game Marble Madness and continued by the famous Ballance (ball + balance). Now you have another opportunity to plunge into exciting and memorable atmosphere of ball travels through unimaginable worlds and routes.

The main goal of the game is to pass through all levels and reach the maximum score. Various elements and obstacles are being introduced as one moves onto new levels, meaning that the complexity and level of puzzle solving required are gradually increasing as the game progresses.

You will find 5 lives to spend and the unique ability to change material and physical characteristics of the ball turning it to wood, stone or paper. However, this feature is to be used only at special transformation points.

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