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Full Version: Vole CHM Reviewer Professional Edition - 12 months license
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Quote:Sometimes, you’ll be reviewing a CHM document and want to make notes on it. It’s not a hardcopy, so using a highlighter and a stack of sticky notes isn’t going to cut it. So how can you annotate a CHM document without getting a developer to hack it apart? By grabbing a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Vole CHM Reviewer Professional Edition!

Vole CHM Reviewer Professional Edition lets you add notes to CHM documents without altering the original file, incorporating text, images, audio, and video notes. Thanks to a brilliant and intuitive interface, Vole CHM Reviewer Professional Edition lets you view the original CHM file in a parallel window, with text and multimedia notes displayed.

With its innovative interface, support for docked windows, and six display styles, there’s no reason not to pick up Vole CHM Reviewer Professional Edition today! Plus, you can even export the original CHM document on demand.

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