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Full Version: Free Live On-line Instructor Led Python Programming Course
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Quote: Enrol yourself onto our Free Live On-line Instructor Led Python Programming Course which commences 31st March 2014

That's right!, you read that correctly, FREE LIVE On-line Instructor Led Python course.

Our Instructor will be going over Python programming in loads of detail. Check Out the course contents, below, if you ever wanted to get into python programming and were wondering how, where and when, this course is it.

You can ask questions via the chat facility, get real responses in the real time, what could be better than that!

There will be approx 10 sessions over 5 weeks each a duration of between 90 and 110 mins (Sometimes a little less some times a little more depending on the detail, number of examples and questions asked)

The Sessions are held Monday and Thursday from 10:30pm until 12pm BST) for 5 weeks

The Classes are limited in size so enrol today!

Quote:General Class Format
Course Title: Python Programming Course
Duration of the Course: 10 sessions
Free Sessions: 10 sessions
Duration of each Session: 90mins

Python Training Course


At the completion of the course, the learners will be able to:
a. Write, debug and execute Python code
b. Understand Python's powerful regular expressions
c. Use Python to manipulate files and directories
d. Create graphical interfaces with TkInter
e. Write networked and web-enabled applications in Python

Target Audience -

Target audience
This programme is aimed at programmers, web developers and system administrators who have some knowledge of other computer languages and who wish to use the Python programming language in their environment.

Materials offered including recorded sessions:

Course Extras/Resources

1. Complete, detailed coding examples with additional documentation
2. Detailed 'How to' guides
3. Troubleshooting guides

More Info and Registration Link : Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

Note : Course commences 31st March 2014
note that this is free only for online courses. Course materials cost 25$.