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Full Version: Wallpaper Master
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has a free and shareware Pro version.

Quote:Wallpaper Master- Key Features:
Major features - Freeware version:
-Store multiple wallpaper lists as different categories/libraries - up to 5000 images per category!
-The ability to rate wallpaper, so better wallpapers are chosen more often.
-Customizable Global Hotkeys - Quickly change/clear the wallpaper with any key combo.
-Very high quality resizing of images to fit the screen optimally and keep their aspect ratio.
-Auto change the wallpaper when windows starts, every x minutes, or use the ratings to choose an interval.
-Change wallpaper in order, in shuffle mode, or randomly according to rating.
-Analyse the wallpaper and automatically choose between Resize, Tile, ---Center or Stretch.
-Uses very little resources.
-Minimises to tray area for easy access.
-Easy to use but powerful interface.
-Desktop Wallpaper Master is a free download (freeware)!
-And more!

PRO Improvements - Shareware version:
-Support for many more image types (GIF, PNG, JPEG-2000 (JP2), TGA, WMF and PCX images).
-Max wallpapers increased to 64000 per category! (Rather than 5000).
-Now includes a fullscreen Slideshow mode and a Screensaver.
-New MultiMonitor support! - Change wallpaper on your dual monitors.
-Automatically change wallpaper at specific times of every day.
-Skip a cycle if CPU load is too high (useful for when playing games).
-Position portrait images to uncover icons.
-Apply a simple effect to a certain percentage of wallpaper shown.
-Ability to overlay the image's name onto the wallpaper (watermarking).
-A huge performance boost and much improved user interface.
-Many more options and more customizable!
-Find more info here.