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Full Version: WhiteHat Aviator, a more secure browser
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WhiteHat Aviator, a more secure browser

Available for Mac or Windows another Web browser worth trying
It’s bundled with Disconnect, it’s always in private mode, it sandboxes every tab, strips out referring URLs, and makes flash and java click to play.
It is nice to try something where everything is turned off by default.


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The WhiteHat Aviator™ Web Browser
Security | Privacy | Speed

With every website you visit, you’re vulnerable to malicious hackers out to steal your surfing history, passwords, email access, bank account numbers, medical info, and more. And the “big browsers” don’t do enough to stop it.

But now you can protect yourself before you go on the Web – with WhiteHat Aviator, the Web’s most secure and private browser. With WhiteHat Aviator, you get the industry’s best and tightest security and privacy safeguards – all built-in, all activated, all ready-to-go.
Protect yourself before you go on the Web:

WhiteHat Aviator is the best and easiest way to bank, shop, browse, and use social networks while stopping viruses, advertisers, hackers, and cyber-crooks.

This is something fresh to me. Thanks Venir Thumb
Thanks grin
Thanks. Seems good.
nice! thanks!