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Full Version: Downgrading Win 8.1 to Win 7?
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Has anyone here done this?Is there a decent guide to do this successfully?
well there is no direct way. you have to do a fresh install.
Like grr says. Fresh install. But also check if there are drivers for Windows 7 as well as heard problems of that as well before installing windows 7.
I'd recommend a fresh install as well. MS still doesn't support downgrades to my knowledge (but my experience with 8 is limited atm) tho there *may* be third party tools out there to aid in such an endevour. I wouldn't trust them myself, but then I also don't trust the windows upgrades either. I prefer a fresh install.

The driver check is also a good idea. If its a new computer that came preloaded with 8 it's possible there are no older drivers!

I suggest keeping all files on a secondary drive or partition. Then if you need to install/upgrade/repair an OS the files will be much safer and the new install a bit cleaner. If you do have any secondary drives I'd urge you to power off the computer, unplug, then unhook the other drive(s) as well. I've had windows fudge some drives partitions before without my input during install so I never want to give it the chance since. *cough vista*
I read several blogs where it's not recommended to downgrade back to windows 7.
It is not an easy option to take ever.

You will need first of all to ensure that your BIOS allows you to turn off Secure Boot - it may need updating to let you do this. Only with secure boot off will you then be able to completely wipe the hard-disk. Sometimes the drive partitions need removing prior to launching with W7 as it is sometimes unable to get to the point of allowing you to use the inbuilt diskpart.

If your machine only has USB 3 drivers and no DVD-ROM available you will need to get a copy of them to slipstream into the W7 ISO to install by USB as the USB3 ports are not recognised in in Legacy mode by the installer.
Just don't do that clyde. Here is also a good reminder consider all Windows 7 versions:

Quote:Mainstream, free support is ending on January 13, 2015 for a number of major Microsoft products, including all versions of Windows 7 (Enterprise, Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate and Starter). Extended support for Windows 7 lasts until January 14, 2020, so users can expect to continue to receive free security updates, but not feature updates, for Windows 7 until that point. For those running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 applied, the end of mainstream and extended support dates are the same -- January 13, 2015 and January 14, 2020, respectively -- given there is no Windows 7 SP2.

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Thanks for this into.