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Full Version: Get free Pointstone System Cleaner
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[Image: system-cleaner-like-01-2.png]

Get it here:
Quote:Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
please advise download link Smile
So how do you get it? The link comes up mostly blank for me.
After going to the Facebook page and clicking "LIKE" (with all Javascript and other blockers temporarily allowing the page)
on the lower right of the page's image, you should see something like this:

Get your free full license key now!

Now just fill out the following details to receive it:

First Name: (to be used for the registration information)
Last Name: (to be used for the registration information)
Your Email: (for getting the registration key)

Carefully enter the e-mail address below because important order related information will be sent to this address.

NOTE: Disposable and temporary email addresses are NOT accepted.

There is also a mathematical question like this ? + ? = ___
(This is to confirm you are a human user)

After clicking the blue "OK, Send" button, you should then see this:

Keep an eye on your inbox.

We have just sent you an email containing a personal activation link with which you can complete the free registration process. Please check your email and click on the activation link and follow the instructions displayed.

This is only to verify that the request was indeed made by you and not some spam robots.

After that you will instantly receive your requested license key.

Some email providers consider automated email as spam. If you do not receive an email with a confirmation link, please check your spam folder.

Just follow the link in the eMail and that's it!

Have a nice day,

Best regards
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Thank you...Smile
i uploaded this software to virustotal & 3 security software companys on there f prot comodo trend micro said this product was malware even though comodo signed it if they thought it was bad or malware why would they do that here is some information i got from it from virustotal website & i do not think this file is bad as other security companys on there big name ones like bitdefender eset kaspersky symantec malwarebtyes avg avast mcafee these security companys found this software to be safe & malware free so i would say this was a false positive by these 3 security companys that flagged this software as malware : Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
SHA256: 0f8e7b4780bbd3d64cc368bc92caafc26a2b3e25cb0c169dfcd1c028ea33ea82
File name: system-cleaner-7-51-en-win.exe
Detection ratio: 3 / 53
Analysis date: 2014-07-11 11:59:41 UTC ( 8 hours, 18 minutes ago ) Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
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CopyrightCopyright © Pointstone Software, LLC
Publisher Pointstone Software
Product System Cleaner
File version
Description System Cleaner Installer
Signature verification Signed file, verified signature
Signing date 4:58 PM 6/19/2014
[+] Pointstone Software
[+] COMODO Code Signing CA 2
[+] UTN-USERFirst-Object
[+] USERTrust
Counter signers
[+] Symantec Time Stamping Services Signer - G4
[+] Symantec Time Stamping Services CA - G2
[+] Thawte Timestamping CA
the license lasts 185 days