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Full Version: 3D Video Converter for free - PCWelt Promo
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With the handy tool Video 3D Video Converter, you can give any normal 2D video a 3D effect - and with just one click.
3D Video Converter is an easy way to transform existing 2D videos amazing 3D videos.For this you only need to open the desired video in the program and restart the conversion process.Depending on the video length , converting may take some time to complete.Once 3D Video Converter has finished the conversion, you will be informed with a small pop -up message .

The software runs on Windows XP , Vista , 7, and 8

Quote:How to start : To install the full version you need a serial number .These may be obtained directly at the beginning of the installation by yourself in the " Request serial number " on window that opens click .In the next window, type your e- mail address below and click " Request a free serial number " .The serial number will now be sent by e -mail.
Now click on the Start window, click " Install Program " and follow the installation wizard.On the first start you must "buy now " button (of course you need to buy neither the software nor pay ! ) Click the located in the center of the top of the window .Click on " Enter License Code " then enter the serial number and click "Continue".Now is still a manual activation of the program necessary.Click again on "Continue" and then " Finish" to finish the registration and activation process.

Download full version here:
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Registration = Deutch
Installer = Multi-Langs
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