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Full Version: PD Pro Howler 8 Home Edition - 2 days giveaway
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Project Dogwaffle or PD Pro Howler 8 Home Edition lets you paint with a large number of natural media styles as well as unique medias like particle foliage, animated brushes and more. Tablet devices are fully supported. There are advanced painting modes such as symmetry painting. There are a large number of filters that operate in real-time and full-screen. Also provided are video and animation tools such as a timeline, keyframer, batch scanning, cleanup, exposure sheet, rotoscoping, and motion tracking.

Note: The Program is pre-activated and you don’t need a key to activate the program.

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Thanks joro
Thanks joroRanger
This software key/serial/license does indeed disappear mysteriously. Plus, too many hoops to jump through. I'll pass.