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Full Version: (iOS)Perfct / Study Habits / Player for SoundCloud /vTube Pro /BetBud /Before Leaving
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Quote:Perfct for Free

[One week limited]
Free download for a limited time!

The simplest ever. Intuitive handling.
This is a player that replaces the standard music player.

Perfct produces a variety of situations by its unique audio filter.

[Perfect for iOS]
Perfect provides recommendation in any genres (all genres)

[Sonic Boom]
Realism as if you are in the live show! (Rock / Jazz)

[TM Land]
Experience the world's largest outdoor festival! (House / Techno / Electro)

[Party Mix]
It's Showtime! Fun begins! (HipHop / R&B / Reggae)

To those who want to enjoy the music slowly (Pop)

Night begins!Let's enjoy the summer in the night club! (Club)

Variation is unlimited by manual editing.
Tune your original effect.

- Intuitive Navigation Control
You can operate intuitively by swipe operation.
Therefore, you can instantly access the music that you want to listen to.

- Rearrangement of the menu
You can easily rearrange the menu and modify to your preferred order.

- Background play
Can activate in the background and control remotely.

- Attention
If you experience distortion, please turn your EQ off.
As you turn EQ on, it is possible that high-pitched sound may be heard.
Please be careful of loud volume.

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Quote:Study Habits for Free

***Back 2 School Giveaway: FREE until Labor Day!!

**Finalist: Best App Ever for HS & College Students
Created by a Doctor of Education (Ed.D), Study Habits is the first app to utilize motivation and learning strategies to help high school and college students improve memory, boost motivation, and much more! Featured by the Press Telegram, CBS2 & KCAL9 news, and the subject of a scientific study at the University of Southern California, Study Habits is a comprehensive tool for academic success!

Find out how Study Habits can help you reach your academic goals...

*******************APP FEATURES*********************

Study Habits…

• Are you a high school, college, or grad student looking for an app that’s more than a typical calendar, organizer, planner, or to-do list? Study Habits will help you create a study plan for each of your assignments and tests, then allows you to select study strategies to practice and learn
• Choose from 36 study strategies to address 6 important areas: memory, writing, reading comprehension, motivation, time management, and stress/anxiety

• Calculate weighted or non-weighted assignments by points or percentages
• Automatically calculates your semester GPA

• Displays your schedule and assignments in daily, weekly, and monthly views
• Clean, minimalistic design
• Prioritize assignments (low, medium, or high)
• Choose colors for different types of events
• Star assignments to view them in a chronological, list format

• Set reminder notifications for your classes, homework, or exams
• Provides a list of overdue study sessions to hold you accountable

• Sync information from iCal and other calendars, so you can add extracurricular activities, workout schedules, birthdays, and meetings without missing a beat
• Create iCal events directly from Study Habits - you will never have to toggle between iCal and Study Habits to create and view calendar events

• Easily send a backup file to your email with the touch of a button, so you'll never lose information if something’s wrong with your device

• Create customized plans to study early and often
• Set reminders for your study sessions
• Practice strategies to help you study and learn

• Earn achievements and unlock levels as you practice different study strategies
• Over 50 achievements to earn, 10 levels to unlock!

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Quote:Free Music Download Manager + Player for SoundCloud Pro for Free

Enjoy your favorite SoundCloud music!
Search and Save Free Music on SoundCloud that is available to download.

- Discover & search directly on SoundCloud
- Multiple downloads at one time
- Support resuming of interrupted downloads.
- Create Playlists
- Search by song name
- Search Suggestions
- Smart playlists like iPod
- Background playback
- More... Want more features? Email us and ask Smile

**Only songs available for download can be downloaded. This app uses the soundcloud API and follows their policy.

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Quote:vTube Pro - Music & Video Player for Youtube for Free

Free for Last Day!

vTube offers a complete solution to play easily YouTube videos.Most music lovers adore vTube as it is incredibly super easy to use. This YouTube app features a very clean design. vTube is the best YouTube client for you and allows you to:

Enjoy millions of free music and videos from YouTube
Enjoy YouTube videos of 60+ countries.
With vTube, you will be able to view all your subscriptions, watch your channels and browse various YouTube categories.

More features:
vTube offers the most convenient and quickest way of finding videos and music compared to other apps available out there on the market.
Create and manage your own playlists, add or remove playlists
Easily search videos by region, channels, & categories from YouTube
Read comments, browse related videos and more
Supports HD and many other high quality types
High resolution videos (720p, 1024p).
Shuffle songs, repeat songs and easily skip to the previous and next video
vTube is with no doubt that best YouTube app available for your iPhone and iPad devices.

YouTube logo are trademarks and properties of Google Inc. YouTube logo is used for informational purposes only. This app does not allow for downloading YouTube content.

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Quote:BetBud - Sports Bet Tracker for Free

BetBud is FREE for a limited time | Brought to you by 3 Magic Shots. Download 3 Magic Shots to get more awesome apps like BetBud for FREE

The #1 Sports bet tracking app on iPhone and Android.

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon, you have 13 college football bets going, you’re at the tailgate trying to enjoy some beers and talk with friends, but instead you’re constantly checking your phone for scores and cross referencing it to the scrappy spreadsheet printout in your pocket.
Stop being that guy – get a BetBud intervention!

You enter your picks into BetBud, it will track your picks for you in real time, and the best part is, as the games are going on, BetBud will send you notifications as your bet statuses change:
-Go from covering the spread to not covering (sad)
-Go from covering to covering by a good amount (happy)
-BetBud predicts a score above the total, and you have the Over (happy)
-You get an alert that you won (celebrate!)

Point is, you get the alerts - then you check your phone to see what BetBud is telling you. You can relax, enjoy the tailgate, or the date with your girlfriend, or the kid’s baseball game, no more score watching on your phone.

When you open the app to look at your pending picks, it only takes seconds to be sad or happy. That’s because BetBud has a color scheme system so you can see how every bet is doing at a glance without having to examine each score.

We now have a beta web version that syncs with the mobile app. Enter your picks through the speedy web version, then sync with the mobile version for when you're on the go and need the alerts.

You know when you are looking at the score and trying to do the math if a field goal is going to beat you… no more…BetBud shows you the “spread score”. For example, if you have Dallas -7.5 and the score is Dallas 17, Buffalo 3, the spread score is Dallas 17, Buffalo 10.5.
BetBud will also forecast the score total based on the current time and score, again, no more math in your head.

Do you know way too much about Excel from trying to write formulas for your betting history and trends. Sad. Instead, let BetBud do this stuff for you. Look at YOUR betting statistics over time from various perspectives using the BetBud stats charting screen. Top performing teams, breakdown of record by spread amount, teams you’ve had success fading, etc. – you can see how you’re doing from every angle.

BetBud is your betting bank statement. When you enter your picks, you also enter the risk amount. You can see the fluctuations in your balance over time or specific time ranges.

So why else do thousands of bettors like you love this app (not kidding, it’s viral):

•No Subscriptions: you buy the app, you get it all. SERIOUSLY.

•Bet spans: 1st Half, 2nd Half, Quarter, Period, 5 Inning bet tracking.

•Data export: Export your data (picks, bankroll, scores) to a spreadsheet.

•Bet labels: if you bet at multiple establishments, you can label your picks accordingly and filter your bankroll by these labels.

•Cross-sport parlays and teasers.

•Betting advice: See what picks the top BetBud users are tracking.

•Web version: enter and view your picks on our beta web version that syncs with the mobile app.

•Game Snapshot: You can visualize how you did throughout the game; how long were you winning; losing…

•Share: BetBud makes it easy to tweet, email or text your picks.

•Track favorites: You don’t have to be a gambler; you can set your spread to zero and track your favorite team.

•Sports: NFL, College Football, College Basketball, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, CFL, AFL, and International Soccer (Argentina Primera, Brazil Serie A, English Premier L, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Holland Eredivisie, Italian Series A, Mexico Primera, MLS, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Euro 2012, National Teams).

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Quote:Before Leaving for Free

Do you forgot what you need to take with you? The "Before leaving" app allows you to build useful check lists to remind you of all the items you need to take, so you'll never forget them again. Set calendar reminders, frequently repeated entries.

Before Leaving application is an amazing solution to stop forgetting your things and belongings before leaving places, even if you are in a hurry!

With this cool app, you can pick your important belongings needed for work, sport, travel and leisure time with you, and be smartly organized. Surely, you will get matchless user experience like no other apps available on store.

Using Before Leaving, you can preselect things and let your app remind you of them before leaving any place.

Key features of Before Leaving:

• Things: choose from predefined list of things, i.e. key chain, wallet, wristwatch etc…
• Locations: choose your locations, such as home, work, club, etc…

- Add your favorite locations from the map using visual icons.
- Search in the map by Google and Foursquare.
- Location based reminder.

• Pick leaving time early: set your leaving time so that our Befo Fish remind you 10 minutes before it comes, with the ability to repeat the alarm for any number of days.
• Add note for each thing: add brief comment on each thing you choose to be reminded of, beside actions you want to take.
• Record voice notes for your reminder.
• Add your own things and locations: if listings in the app don't include your stuff or locations, you can add your own ones.

• The app engages your friends in a whole new experience. They will cooperate with your app to keep you reminded of all your things.
- Add friends to your reminder.
- Send emails to your friends to be aware of your reminder.

• Sync with third-party apps and services:
- iCloud.
- Reminders app.
- Evernote.
- Calendar/event integration.
- Google Calendar.
- Foursquare check-in.

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Note : Free for a limited time