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Full Version: CloudBerry Backup free
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CloudBerry Backup free

Quote:Get fast and simple backup to any cloud storage for your Windows desktops. CloudBerry Backup compresses and encrypts data before it leaves your laptop or desktop computer, and securely transfers it to the cloud on schedule or in real time.
To start backing up to the cloud, just connect your storage account with CloudBerry software and configure backup job with a step-by-step Backup Wizard. Access or Restore your files at any time in a few clicks.

CloudBerry Backup automates encrypted and compressed backup of your data (files, documents, photos, videos, etc.) to online cloud storage. CloudBerry Backup supports over 15 cloud storage services including: Google Drive, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google Storage, OpenStack, Rackspace, HP Cloud, and Softlayer.


Scheduling and Real-Time cloud backup
Set up a schedule or backup everything automatically. CloudBerry Backup Desktop edition runs as Windows Service and tracks folders for the new or changed files to backup to Amazon S3 cloud immediately.

Encryption & Compression
Protect data from unauthorized access by encrypting it with a unique encryption key before sending to the cloud – cloud backup becomes secure as never before with CloudBerry Backup Desktop edition. Reduce backups’ size with user end compression. Backup to Amazon cloud becomes quicker and S3 backups require less storage space if you use compression.

Multiple Cloud Storage Support for Desktop backup
Choose one of the supported public cloud storages for desktop backup, including: Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Windows Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, Google Storage, HP Cloud, DreamObjects, Clodo, Scality, Dunkel, Host Europe, GreenQloud, Seeweb, Connectria, Walrus and Mezeo.

Local Backup
Set up local backup if you want to send only subset of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage. You are to decide whether to backup to Amazon cloud or to keep backups on your local drive.

Block Level Backup
Backup to Amazon S3 only changed parts of the files. CloudBerry S3 Backup tools detect these parts and automatically upload them to the cloud.

Network Locations Backup
Backup your network locations including network shares, NAS devise, mapped drives, etc.
Note: Number of network locations to backup to Amazon S3 cloud in Desktop edition is limited to 1 in Server edition to 5 and in Enterprise edition number of network locations is not limited.

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