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Full Version: (iOS) Who Uses My WiFi? / Translate Voicе PRO / Analog Film / Province / CoSurf
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Quote:Who Uses My WiFi? for Free

Whether you're troubleshooting poor performance on your own wireless network, or you're trying to figure out how overloaded the hotel Wi-Fi is where you're staying, Who Uses My WiFi is the app that can show you exactly what the name implies.

Most of us have WiFi routers in our homes these days, and without the proper security, someone could easily hop onto your wireless network.

Who Uses My WiFi shows you exactly who is connected to your network and helps you create a safe password if you need to.

Nobody will ever steal your internet connection again!

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Quote:Translate Voicе PRO for Free

“Free today with ‘App of the Day’.
Download ‘App of the Day’, and every day discover one paid app absolutely free!”

Amazing Voice Translation App with BUILT IN voice input & output SMART TECHNOLOGY and professional MULTI LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS for your iPhone / iPod / iPad ■□
■□ Did you know that YOU CAN SPEAK 33 LANGUAGES ???
■□ With Translate Voice BE SURE YOU CAN !!!

!! Perfect if you want to !!
- learn a new language.
- travel to a foreign country.
- chat with people who don't speak your language.

Instantly speak another language, voice to voice. Can you imagine talking into your phone in one language and immediately hearing yourself in another language? That’s exactly what Translate Voice™ does. Just speak into your phone and it immediately speaks back to you in one of our 33 languages.

With Translate Voice Free you can:


- Instantly start a voice to voice conversation into one of our 33 languages and dialects.


- If you're old school you can always bring up the keyboard and hear the translations. 33languages and dialects are supported.

■□ Share translations...

- Simply click on a send button to mail or SMS the translation.

■□ Edit translations...

- you can always use your keyboard to edit translations.

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Quote:Analog Film for Free

Analog Film is Real film based, film like filters. All you need is the well made preset.
It has a Live Filter Preview! You can take a picture with the live filter effects.
(Live Filter Preview is unavailable for 3.5-inch devices)


Used many nice films for the best quality filter effects.
- Kodak Gold, Portra, Ektarchrome, Tri-X, T-Max Series
- Fuji Pro, Superia, Velvia, Fortia, Astia, Provia, FP, Neopan Series
- Instant PX, Time-Zero Series
- Ilford HP5, Delta Series
- Agfa Film Scala Series
- Konica Centuria Series
- And many films.

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Quote:Province for Free

Two families vie for power as you settle a new provincial town. Build camps and banks, smithies and harbors and control growth as your town develops!

Province is a game in which you must strategically manage your resources and workers to build, complete goals, and score the most victory points to win! The game features a communal worker pool representing the available workers in your town. Players move their workers to generate resources (Labor and Coin) that are used to build the various Structures, which in turn effect resource generation — but your opponent can also move the workers, leaving you without the resources you need!

Province for the iPad features two-player local multiplayer (same device), as well as a single player mode where you play against a computer opponent.

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Quote:CoSurf for Free

Introducing CoSurf for iPad, the new split-screen browser for you and your web surfing partner!

Whether planning a vacation with your significant other, researching a common topic with a friend, or just surfing the web over two cups of coffee, CoSurf brings you and those around you closer together. Instead of getting lost into two different screens, this app helps web surfing to become more socially interactive.

Two people can surf the web simultaneously on a single device! Just set the device down on a flat surface, and you can both begin surfing the web on your respective side of the screen.

— Optional Full-Screen Control —
If one person finds an interesting webpage you want to look at together, you can take control of the entire screen by simply lifting the device up off the table.

— Orientation Lock —
When working together at an angle, you can tap the center lock button to lock the orientation so either side does not take full-screen control.

— Trading Browsers —
Rotate the center toolbar with two fingers to exchange the two web browsers.

— Favorites —
Each person can access their own independent favorites list on their side.

USAGE NOTICE: Only one person at a time may use the keyboard, so please be patient while your web-surfing partner finishes typing. Please do not use the split-keyboard.

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