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Full Version: Ashampoo Music Studio 4 (100% Discount)
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Ashampoo Music Studio 4 (100% Discount)

Quote:A fourth generation product, our experienced developers made sure Music Studio is both robust and reliable.

Working with Music Studio is a simple task, even if you are not familiar with applications of its kind. The wizard-like structure offers a quick way to learn the ropes as you can focus on a single aspect on your way to carrying out a job.

Creating your own music disc offers the possibility to make an Audio CD or burn a disc with MP3 or WMA files on it. Alternatively, the application should be able to create a mixed format disc, which can contain all supported file types (MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV or FLAC).

The audio editing section is not equipped with too many tools, but it allows you to trim up the files and get rid of surplus sound, simply mix the tracks up, apply crossfade effect, anywhere in the file or change the volume. You can also replace parts of a song with silence or audio bits by cutting and pasting selections.

As far as extracting the audio from a video, the application supports a wide range of formats, popular file types such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, VOB, MOV or WMV included. The application loads up only the sound of the file and the menu is almost the same as the one for editing audio tracks. As such, you can choose to extract only a specific part of the file.

[Image: scr_ashampoo_music_studio_4_en_start.jpg]

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