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Full Version: Follow Directions
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[Image: 2w6fcyv.jpg]
Gettin' ready for the oven is ya ole onion eyes clap
Well, well, well Smile

You find folks at TipRadar have nothing better to do than to dress a chicken; catch my pun Smile

WOW; what great talent.

I don't think I have ever seen a chicken dressed so well in my life.

And not only that; you have that baby sitting up with 1 leg elevated and the other one resting slightly inverted as though he or she is sitting up watching Sunday sports.

WOW; what ingenuity

Hey; one last question?

Is that chicken a Purdue, Price-Chopper or shop-Rite brand?

The reason why I ask is because this chick looks quite plump, meaty and with good color which is a recipe for the one-and-only 'PURDUE' Oven-Stuffer Roaster?

Great work folks; a great camera-shot.

Cyber Guardian

looks like an eyeball hanging out of its ass?

as Mike says just glad it's not mine!