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Full Version: A Better Camera Full for Free (Android)
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Quote:A Better Camera Full for Free

«A Better Camera» is a camera application, able to take snapshots of high quality thanks to optimally chosen functions used by such notable camera-makers as Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.
There are also the following important functions in «A Better Camera»:

* HDR: bright colors and rich detail, the pictures look like a professional camera shot
* Panorama: up to 360 degrees to 100 MPix
* Multishot: Group portrait, Sequence shot, Removing unwanted objects with one click
* Night mode
* Video recording + time lapse
* Pre-shot: pictures are taken before pressing
* Burst and Expo-bracketing
* Timer
* Different kinds of focusing
* ISO option
* White-balance.

Using «A Better Camera» you can get a professional photo without any extra applications.

«A Better Camera» is a set of carefully chosen functions able to take photos in any weather, almost like Canon, Nikon or Sony.

Is it sunny, cloudy or rainy outside? Choose necessary scene mode and have a beautiful photo.

Is it a day, twilight or night? Choose necessary scene mode and have a beautiful photo.

With the help of «A Better Camera» you will take photos of any scenery: sunset, mount, sky, forest, aqua, flames, stars, pyramids, city, etc. easily and quickly.

«A Better Camera» will be an excellent tool to create high quality photos for people, whose hobby is photography.

With «HDR» function your photo will be at the level of such notable cameras as Canon, Nikon, Sony etc. You can share «A Better Camera» photos in social networks without photo processing and show them to your parents, friends and acquaintances.

You can take panoramic photos thanks to this application. It allows you to capture any scenery: sunset, mount, sky, forest, aqua, flames, stars, pyramids, city, etc.

«A Better Camera» has night mode, that allows you to take professional photos in low light.

To take photos with a girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or parents you should use the function «Group portrait». Within a few seconds, a series of photos are taken and you can choose the best looking face for everyone.

The «A Better Camera» Video mode allows you to caprute videos without switching to another application.

Video has time lapse option, and can be used with focus lock, exposure lock and white balance lock!

One of the main features of the application «A Better Camera» is «Best shot». It will choose the best photo automatically. Now it is not necessary to waste your time checking and retaking the photos. The application will take series of photos and automatically identify the best photo.

There is a histogram display, i.e. a graphical distribution of scene brightness. This function allows you to understand how to take photos better before doing it.

«Burst and Expo-bracketing» is a function that professional photographers use in such cameras as Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Taking photos is an art, and «A Better Camera» is your tool to do it easily and quickly.

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Note : To get Pro install free app and go to -> Settings -> More setting -> Promocode and enter "appoftheday"
Update : This is gone free again with appoftheday