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Full Version: Making use of old drive
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I have a old hdd that is freshly re formatted and i want to use it as extra internal storage...how do I do this? (Its a sata drive from a desk top 80GB drive.)
I dont want to buy casings and other items just leave it in the tower but jack it in so to speak. Thanks
A spare cable from the PSU (many 3.5" drives take sata power or 4 pin molex), or a splitter cable.
A sata cable & a spare port on the motherboard.

Drive mounts - screws, screwless etc. - 2.5 to 3.5 conversion fitting if it's 2.5.
That could depend on a few things. At the very least you'll need a spare SATA cable. Then your motherboard will need to have at least one available sata port. In addition the power supply will need to have at least one available SATA power cable. You'll also need to have room to mount the drive. Some mini-atx cases (especially OEM computers) don't come with empty slots.

I'd suggest taking a look at some pictures of the components before you power off and poke around.
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To find out these things, you'll need to open the case. Be sure you power down the computer and remove the plug from the back of the power supply. If your motherboard has a light on it, wait for it to turn off, if not wait for a minute or two after you unplug the computer. After the power is drained it should be safe to look around and touch the cables.

I'd recommend verifying you have all the required parts before messing with it and if so start by mounting the drive in a bay - then attaching the various cables. Mounting a drive can vary from one case to the next but generally they are just metal rectangular boxes with some screw holes on them that a hdd can be slipped into then held in place by a few screws.

If the motherboard has a free SATA port then you can simply attach one end of a SATA Cable to the motherboard and the other end to the re-formatted drive. Then you'll need to find a free SATA Power Cable and plug that into the hard drive as well.

After all that is done you should be able to close up the case and reattach the plug to the power supply then turn it on and wait for the OS to detect the new drive. It might require another reboot for the drivers to be installed.