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Full Version: Giveaway of the Day - Settings Organizer 7
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Configure, secure, tweak, tune and speed up your system to the max! Settings Organizer offers many Windows tuning and tweaking options in a small and easy to use program including explanations to each single option so that even beginners can configure their system to let it behave the way they want.

Additionally, Windows includes complete and well-featured configuration and analyzing tools like MS Config or the so-called Computer Management Tool, that are nearly ‘hidden’ normally, even if it would make sense to use them from time to time. Settings Organizer allows you to execute these tools just with one click instead of researching the web for the right shell command to start it. Accelerate your Windows interface, close security lacks and make working with Windows just as easy as you want it to be – Settings Organizer is the mighty tool to do all these things!

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