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Full Version: 1x Eboostr Pro Giveaway
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i had purchased 3x eboostr in 2013. Used 2 serials but one is lying un-used. so giving it away.

What is Eboostr?

The eBoostr application allows you to use an additional drive (flash memory or hard disk) or free RAM as another layer of performance-boosting cache. This is an alternative to ReadyBoost and SuperFetch technologies available on all Windows versions. With the newly developed eBoostr, the booting of your OS and applications start-up get much faster thanks to the smart caching mechanism.

Just create a post why you need it ?


1. If you don't need then please avoid replying because it creates problems while randomizing.

2. Winner selection will be totally random and unbiased.

3. Giveaway span: 4 days

I need it to improve my PC performance, thank you!
I need it! I only have 2 gig of RAM. Count me in! thanks!
I need it because in order to decrease loading times and improve the overall performance of my computer, since I have low installed RAM and it's very expensive to upgrade RAM .
Thanks you!
Ineed it thanks
Great giveaway! Thank you..Count me in...
Count me in please, i could use this on my old hp. thanks
Thank you for the opportunity to win a license.

This to me is a dandy application especially for older machines.

My system is XP configured.

In addition to that I am running this machine into the ground until I can not run it anymore.

This machine is about 14 years old from the time I purchased it and it has served me well.

I believe this type of software will definitely enhance my system's ability and performance to perform within a more archaic system and environment.

I will give it a run if I win Smile
I never try this software. Hope i win to try this good software for the pc
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