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Full Version: How To Download From Download.com Without Using Their Installer
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C/NET finally responded to the complaints about getting the junkware that tries to install with their installer.

Here's how to avoid their nasty installer:

1. Look for a blue link called: "Direct Download Link".

2. This link is usually directly underneath the "Quick Specs" Section.

3. DO NOT USE the green "Download Now" button or you will be downloading the nasty installer.

4. Now, click on the blue "Direct Download Link", and you'll be on your way to downloading your file.

5. Hope this helps and clarifies that you can still safely download files from Download.com!!

I did forget to add something to this post. Some program downloads do not have the "Direct Download Link" on them, as the "Download Now" Button will download the program itself, without the nasty installer downloading. This may not be applicable to all files that do not have the "Direct Download Link". I realize that not all of you like Download.com, and frankly, I do not really like them, either. However, some reputable software vendors do use them for downloading their software, and you have no choice in using their service. I posted this information just so everyone would be aware of the fact that you can usually avoid using the "Download Now" Button, and of course, there are exceptions to this. Thanks, again, and Happy Downloading!! Smile
nice tip
Thanks for the info BC4Tips.
You're welcome, everyone!! Smile

BTW....is there someone to upload a graphic, as I couldn't find how to. I created a visual demonstration of the above tip. If it is not possible, that's okay, too!! Smile

Downloading from them was very frustrating tell I discovered that there was this other option to download. I believe that they finally responded to their user's who were complaining that their nasty installer was bundled with junkware. Smile

Cyber Guardian

@ BC4Tips

hope this helps

[Image: 4uFl3gS.jpg]
(12-28-2014, 08:24 AM)Cyber Guardian Wrote: Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
@ BC4Tips

hope this helps

[Image: 4uFl3gS.jpg]

Yes, indeed, it does!! Smile

I wanted to show a graphical representation that reinforces the written instructions. Plus, it helps to cement information into the minds of those who are visual learners. Smile

Thanks, again!! Smile

And "Happy New Year!!" Woot Woot
I used to be an avid user of that site. Unfortunately not every program (lots but not all) has a direct download link. On top of that they (from my viewpoint) have no issues with stolen code being used to sale fake copies of altered programs under different names.

A prime example is a program that has survived years on there but started off as a blatant copy of the true crypt source code with lazy search and replaces. It has undergone some castration and visual changes since then but last I checked (well over a year ago) there were still traces of the original truecrypt name inside. Despite reporting it through email and as a review I never even received a reply from them and the program remains up for sale.

Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

As such I stopped using it wherever possible along with shouting at the top of my lungs like above for others to avoid it where possible. Granted it's just my opinion and anyone is free to dismiss it but I see CNET and I go grr. >< Then I cry myself to sleep about it. (j/k)
Thanks BC4Tips, found this Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
on How-To Geek, it may be of interest.
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