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Full Version: Ashampoo Home Designer Pro
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Ashampoo Home Designer Pro is a utility that can help you plan building, renovating, or decorating your house, flat, or garden. The program grants you a quite sizable library of components for building rooms, stairs, roofs, or for shaping terrain. You can also view the result of your design in either 2D, or 3D. The utility includes predefined tools, such as walls, stairs, roofs, and terrain types, so that you may easily draw the plan of the building. For each of these tools, you are further able to modify properties such as length, thickness, or material type. Catalogs that include different models for the basic components are also available: models for doors, solar collectors, wallpapers, or species of garden plants. Nevertheless, many items in the catalogs are inconveniently labeled with characters and numbers, instead of names that would clearly define them.
After you make the 2D sketch, you are then able to grasp a better feel of the result, by choosing the 3D view mode. The user interface comes in three different languages: English, French, and German. All in all, this program constitutes an easier to use tool than what architect professionals commonly employ. Still, although using the utility will seem easy at first, operating it will become a little more difficult as you need to take care of the finer details further on.
To conclude with, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro comes across as a helpful utility for the process of imagining your future home or garden.

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Note - Ashampoo Home Designer Pro was released in 2010.

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