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Full Version: It's been a year
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Hi All
I just want to share my gratitude for everyone putting their time to make this forum this much interesting.
Last year I joined this forum to participate in a giveaway, since then I have been hooked to this forum.
Honestly this forum organize some of the best no fuss giveaways and also some of the forum members work really hard to inform other members about various updates.
Whenever I have time I also try to contribute hereBlush.

Thank you all moderators (S-M, Mike, Grr, LMANLO, mohammadwasi7861, Sir William of Palerne, amazingAG) for their effortsApplauseApplauseApplause.

Thanks everyoneWorship

Totally agree with you ...they deserve an clapclap
Thanks Arim for the kind words.
I totally agree with Arim Smile
(thank you for posting this Arim Smile )
Thanks Arim I have to agree this has been a great forum to be a member of and hopefully members will stay active for many years to come.