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Full Version: 50% off subscriptions (Lifetime) to TorGuard VPN
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Censorship and espionage on the internet are ever-growing issues. Many people around the world are being stifled and spied on by both foreign and local powers, and it’s likely going to get worse before it gets better. As such, now is the time to take a stand, and protect yourself from prying eyes and content blocking. And with services like TorGuard, that process has never been easier.

Bypass Firewall Whether you’re a political dissident, a whistle blower, or someone who just wants to enjoy blocked content, TorGuard’s VPN service is an invaluable tool. Not only are you given access to unlimited bandwidth and over one thousand VPN servers, but the focus on security and privacy are top-notch. Your traffic is encrypted with a 256-bit AES key, and TorGuard’s stealth VPN let’s you sidestep invasive deep packet inspection from your ISP or government. With these protections in place, you can surf with confidence — no more nail-biting.

Normally, one year of TorGuard’s VPN service costs $59.99, but today we’ve found an outstanding deal that will save you some serious cash. When you enter coupon code “TGLifetime50” in your shopping cart, you’ll save 50% off the sticker price. This isn’t just the initial purchase, mind you — this 50% discount is for the life of your subscription. For the cost of about one hamburger a month, you can enjoy the privacy and peace of mind that comes with a TorGuard VPN. This deal expires on April 7th, though, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this coupon.

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