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Full Version: Process Lasso Pro
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Process Lasso Pro is an award-winning CPU management tool that helps optimize CPU usage and stops rogue programs and processes from slowing down your computer. Features like ProBalance, Energy Saver, Gaming and Multimedia Mode, and more ensure your computer stays as fast as possible and is not bogged down by CPU wasting programs and processes. And now Process Lasso Pro comes with a new intelligent RAM optimizer known as SmartTrim, so you can use Process Lasso Pro to manage both CPU and RAM usage.

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Note: It's SOS giveaway.
thank you for posting this giveaway on here Geo here is the virustotal scan log & digital signers this software cameback all good 100% malware free & Badware free which means there was no malware, no virus, no Riskware, no Keygens, no trojans, no PUPS, no backdoors, no Rootkits, no worms, 100% clean of any infections, so says virustotal scan engines: Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
SHA256: 91fcc4984736f263369d83dad25f5740ce12ba331f82acfee238af7da1242fd0
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Product Process Lasso
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Description Process Lasso
Comments Windows process priority, CPU affinity, and process automation software
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