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Full Version: Audials Light Freeware
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audials.com/en/audials/windows_software/audials_light_freeware/audials_light_freeware.html Audials Light Freeware
Audials Light Freeware lays the foundation for your free entertainment
Listen to radio stations, download music & videos, access clouds and even turn your PC into a cloud of your own. Completely Free: Radio Stations, Music, Videos and Podcasts
No registration, no fees, no ads – just all the music & videos you need
Audials Light gives you the Entertainment you want
Just download and install Audials Light to get started. With just a click you can sort radio stations by genre, country or by artist and begin listening to your music from the largest station database right away. Try the music search to download music videos or just the music tracks. Put the finishing touches on your entertainment needs with podcasts and music TV.
Audials has the largest radio station database anywhere online!
Use the classic search function to browse the radio database by genre and country, or to locate local stations. Alternatively you can use the dynamic search engine and enter your favorite artist to locate the station right for you.
Audials Light delivers individual Songs in Music Shop Quality – for free!
Audials Light gives you your music 100% free and completely legal by downloading directly from the source website and then converting those files from video to audio. Audials Light also lets you record radio stations while you listen and then save the files as MP3s. Amass your own music collection now – absolutely free!
Find & download your Music & Music Videos
Audials Light simultaneously searches numerous audio and video portals for your favorite music. All located tracks are grouped together clearly by album letting you conveniently record the desired track as either a video or music track with a single click. Furthermore, Audials Light lets you preview the tracks located before you record.
Alternative to Winamp and Apple iTunes™
Select the genre, artist or artwork of any album to customize the display of your collection. Display your playback lists with text view or visually with album covers. Choose from seven different sorting or grouping criteria. You can even export your lists in the standard format for another player. Try creating your own playback list with the playback generator. Just enter the genre or artist and Audials will create a new playlist with similar music.
Music Universe has Match Lines to give you similar Music from your Collection & create perfect Playlists
The Music Universe displays similar songs or artists from similar genres from your own collection with over 500k artist images. Audials gives you the tools to create the perfect playlist for any setting. The similarity of music styles between artists is indicated by varying degrees of match line thickness, and you can choose from various display options to customize your Music Universe.
Record Videos up to 30 Minutes long from any source
Use the magic button to record any video directly while you surf online or browse on YouTube. The magic button even works on protected videos not intended for download. Get any music or other video on YouTube by entering the YouTube link into Audials Light.
Fill your Smartphone and run your own Cloud
Audials fills up your smartphone or tablet directly via a USB cable in your PC or remotely via your cloud. With a left/right view, Audials displays your music collection available on your PC and in the target folder of the attached device. The most important clouds have been preconfigured and can also be filled with media like your preferred playback device. Audials also lets you share your media quickly and easily.
Podcasts give you even more Entertainment to see and hear
Audials Light delivers additional free entertainment with the integrated podcatcher. The podcast database is updated automatically and lets you subscribe to, download and enjoy podcasts and episodes as videos or audio files from the best podcast providers anywhere.
Round-the-clock Music Videos from the best Stations online
Run your favorite music TV stations with the Audials player in a small, separate window and enjoy your favorite tunes on your favorite radio station, while you run other programs. Audials Light keeps you entertained 24/7 with its own player and a plethora of the absolute best music TV stations. Just chill out with Audials Music TV. : audials.com/en/audials/company-audials-ag/start.html About Audials AG
Company History
The Beginning

The company was originally founded in 1998 under the name of RapidSolution Software. The strong business growth led to increased capitalization and the conversion into an AG in 2002. Since 2003, the business has maintained a 100%-owned subsidiary in Temeschburg, Romania that serves as the company’s technology development center.

A Complete Suite of Top-Notch Entertainment Solutions

In 2004, RapidSolution released Tunebite, a solution offering consumers relief from the frustrations of copy-protection measures used by digital music providers. The first standalone product in the RS audials product line, Tunebite has received numerous international awards and is now regarded as an Internet classic. It is one of the world’s most heavily demanded copy-protection solutions.
All-in-one-Solution Audials One

At the beginning of 2005, Radiotracker became the next bestselling member of the RS audials suite. Since then, a focused expansion of RapidSolution's development activities has produced a complete series of software solutions that have been available individually and as part of Audials One since 2006. Since Software Generation 8 Audials One is the flagship products with all Audials Worlds and Feature Tabs.
International Operations

Audials AG maintains a technology development center in Romania and has active partnerships with development partners in China and in the Ukraine. The Audials product line is sold through numerous partners on the Internet in over 100 countries. Developing the entire Audials product line for various system platforms has since become the main company focus. To underscore this development, RapidSolution Software was renamed to Audials AG in June 2012.

Popular by Millions of Users Worldwide

With 10,000,000 users, Audials AG – with its flagship product Audials One – is today one of the leading manufacturers of Windows software for legal digital entertainment from the Internet and for processing, managing and distributing media for PC, smartphones and tablets.

Audials-API Integration

Audials AG offers partners a licence to integrate the Audials API in own entertainment systems. Furthermore the development of specially adjusted applications to (pre-) install on these systems is possible. More Information
White Label Editions for OEMs and Custom Development

Audials AG develops high-quality multimedia software based on the Audials product line. These products are available as either White Label or as OEM Special Editions. Please don't hesitate to contact us!
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