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Full Version: I have already posted 1000 posts so far!
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It has been almost 8 months since I registered a member on November 8th, 2014. During these months I got a lot of help and learned a lot also from our forum.
I've already posted 1000 posts so far!
I'm willing and enjoy to find new giveaway or contest news for our members.
Thank you Mark for building TipRadar Forum and formulating forum rules. So we can get together and communicate with each other in friendly and civilized way.
Thank you Mike, grr, mohammadwasi7861, Sir William of Palerne, LMANLO, amazingAG to make the forum pure and well-disciplined.
Also thank you newguy2theweb2012, G-Funk, zzzrrr1979 as well as all the positive and active members to make forum with good atmosphere.
Best wishes and regards for all forum members! Good luck everyone!
At last,please forgive my poor EnglishWorship
Thanks for all your help Geo.
Applause Congrats!!
Congratulations Geo and keep up the great work! Thumb