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Full Version: Bitdefender 2016 Are You Ready For A New Beta
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Bitdefender Security Company I found this message in my Gmail Today Looks like they are starting there Beta Now for the new Bitdefender 2016 that will come out when all the Beta Bugs Are Found by Beta Testers & Bitdefender Fixs them : final build will come out in late summer or early fall 2015:Are You Ready For A New Beta Over the years, your feedback has helped make Bitdefender
the great product it is today. Join us once more!

Bitdefender 2016 is undergoing last-minute fine tuning, but it's almost ready for the keen eyes and agile
minds of our Beta testers.

We're upgrading the design. We're overhauling the installation flow. We're bringing you a hot new online
dashboard that we expect to set new industry standards. And we are doing it all for Mac and Android as well
as Windows users. In short, we expect Bitdefender 2016 to blow you away!

Your opinion is crucial here, and we eagerly await your participation in the Bitdefender 2016
just thought the tipradar users & Bitdefender users on here would like to now this I will be waiting for windows 10 coming out soon & Bitdefender 2016 to come in late summer or fall 2015 also
Thanks for the heads up mrtrout, i hope it's okay, that i posted the link here. For those that are interested in beta testing, you can sign up Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

[Image: 9XWRGLZ.jpg]

Bitdefender Wrote:Help us perfect our next security line and we'll reward you!
We've got some killer gadgets for the best of you. And some extra surprise if you manage to impress us!

Source: Beta sign up URL via Bitdefender forum Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
Thanks. Will stick to stable version