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Full Version: [Forum Exclusive] Eset Smart Security 9
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ESET Smart Security 9 Beta Review

ESET is a well-known IT security company headquartered in Slovakia that was founded in 1992. Their internet security software called ESET Smart Security was launched on 2007.
Recently they introduced their next generation security software, “ESET Smart Security 9” which will be reviewed here


The setup file can be downloaded from beta section of ESET’s website directly from Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
. There is two different setup file one for 32 bit operating systems and the other for 64 bits. The setup file is less than 90 MB which is small compare to over 350 Mb installer of some other security products. This security software also support both 32 and 64 bit of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (only build 10074 in this beta release). If you insist to stick with Windows XP that is a good news for you which means more years of support from a good security solution.


Upgrade from previous version is not supported yet, so a clean install required as this is the beta-version. When the final version will be released, update will be available for free.
The installation process of ESET Smart Security is very easy even for a novice user. In this beta version the whole GUI (graphical user interface) of the installation is changed to a more modern and sleek one.

[Image: 21d1nw4.jpg]
After starting the installation only 5 clicks needed to complete it. The only bump in the process is choosing between enabling or disabling detection of potential unwanted applications which may confuse a novice user, but ESET give you a good explanation here and clarify this kind of applications. I recommend you to enabling this function.

[Image: 242zti8.jpg]
Also, in the same window there is a link for advanced users to change setup paths.

New Graphical User Interface

After Installation of ESET Smart Security start automatically and if you are connected to a network the first window would be from the firewall.
There are two automated task that would run by ESET. First updating itself to latest signature database and after 20 minutes a smart scan would start. Both of this steps are very wise and many products take the same steps after installation. Also, the first scan will reduce the next scans time.
After opening ESET Smart Security the first thing which catch your eyes is the new GUI.

[Image: wiqa1.jpg]

ESET update it according to new version of Windows. A flat design which would well match to Windows 10 layout. It looks modern and clean the only problem here is that there is no significant change in the functionality of this new GUI.
As you can see in previous picture only three shortcuts added to main window which is not that handy and if you are a more advance user this new GUI need an extra click to disable a feature or accessing some tools.
ESET Smart Security comes with high security level settings as default, so accessing “Advanced setup”won’t be necessary for many users (even an advanced one). The “Advanced setup” GUI is changed too. Again, no change in functionality isdone.Also, I found it a little unresponsive in switching between menus which I think would be solve in the final version.

[Image: 8ygy1x.jpg]

New Features : Banking and Payment Protection

This is the most welcomed feature to ESET Smart Security which gives you comfort when you pay your bills online or doing other banking activities.
The first time I tried to use this, it asked me to restart my computer to make this feature fully functional. After that, I tested this and it automatically recognized my secure SSL link and gave me an option to open a new secured browser page with “Banking & Payment Protection” frame.

[Image: wvu5n6.jpg]

[Image: m8jrps.jpg]

Also, you can use the shortcut in the main screen of ESET Smart Security to access a secured browser window or add your links to always open in secured window automatically.

New Help

The help files now open in a browser window.

[Image: xcne6h.jpg]

It checks the online status and brings you an updated online version or available offline files. It’s another wise change since the help files can be update separately from the software. I checked both help files and there was difference between them.

Compatibility with Windows 10

Windows 10 is the next generation of Microsoft OS which sounds very interesting and come out soon so all software vendors struggling to make their application compatible with it. ESET implement this compatibility with its 9th generation and by changing the GUI, this software is correspond with Windows 10 layout.

Other New Features

Other behind the scene new features in ESET Smart Security 9 are:

1. Reputation Elevator, which assesses cloud-based files and URLs and can block access based on their reputation-based risk level.
2. Support for Network Signatures (an extension of ESET’s existing Botnet Protection feature) allows quick prevention of malicious botnet traffic coming to and from users’ computers.
3. Improved update process, which is now more flexible and transparent; also, new protection features are added automatically, as they become available.

Other Features

Antivirus and Anti spyware

ESET has one of the most well-known Anti-Malware engines. It received many awards from different independent labs.

Personal Firewall

It has a very capable two way firewall which protects you from online attacks.


Increasing number of phishing sites, make this feature a necessity in daily browsing. If you try to open a phishing web site you would face following message.

[Image: 2lxok4.jpg]


This feature is very useful for tablets or mobile devices but not very common for a laptop and even sounds lame for a PC, but it’s an extra security option anyway. Also, ESET wisely make it optional so you can choose to enable or ignore it.


It filters junk emails for you and prevent them from downloading to your computer.

Parental Control

Content filtering feature to protect your family.I think they should refine this feature since it’s not very mature in ESET Smart Security.


• Very good Anti-Malware engine
• Good firewall
• Good Anti-Phishing protection
• Very easy to use with clear GUI
• Good support
• New Banking and Payment Protection
• Very light on system resources


• Parental control needs refinement
• Antispam filtering accuracy could be improved

The Verdict

ESET Smart Security is a well-known security solution which gives you piece of mind while surfing internet or downloading content. In latest beta version, it updated with a clear and modern GUI and Banking and Payment Protection feature. So, now you can feel safe while doing transactions on internet banking sites.

Despite some features which need refinements such as parental control, the application is a complete security package with easy to use interface. Also, it’s very light on your system resources.

I should emphasize that the first BETA version of ESET Smart Security 9 has been reviewed here and we are waiting for the final release.

Reviewer: Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

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Thanks for the giveaway.

Count me in.
Thank you so much Mohammad for the perfect giveaway!

I changed my antivirus from System Center Endpoint Protection to ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8 few days ago.

I like ESET. Its size is not so large and it's high efficiency.

Please count me in, thanks again!Smile
Thank you mohammadwasi7861 for this giveaway!
Please count me in, thanks
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Thanks for the giveaway!
Please count me in.
Thank you for the giveaway.
ESET SS is a very good security software.
Good luck to all.
Thank you again, Mohammad!! Count me in for this great program.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Count me in.
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