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Full Version: Avirans know how to party
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blog.avira.com/avirans-know-how-to-party/ Avirans know how to party
By: Jason Mashak in Technology July 13, 2015

The annual summer party at Avira’s HQ in Tettnang, Germany, is an event that is well deserved, well planned, well received, and well … just plain awesome. This year’s, on 10 July, was no different.
Several hundred employees and their families gathered Friday evening for this year’s Schrebergarten-themed event. (‘Schrebergarten’ is a garden style named after the late Dr. Daniel Gottlob Moritz Schreber.) Live music, wafting aromas of grilled meats and vegetables, an open bar, gnome-themed photo opportunities, table tennis, a play area for the children, and other mini-gatherings made sure that there was something for everyone.

Not only did the party warmly welcome all of our ‘newbies’ hired within the last few months, but it was also a special treat to have so many of our Avira colleagues join us from the Romania office. Normally, they celebrate with their own summer party in Bucharest, but this year brought a couple dozen folks to Tettnang for a long-awaited Avira vs. Avira football game that occurred the day before.

The region’s charm

Founded in Tettnang (first mentioned in 882 AD), Avira’s headquarters is surrounded by hundreds of acres of rolling hills that produce a very fine beer hop. Less than 10 kilometers away, Lake Constance (German: Bodensee) offers sunbathing, swimming, boating, and other water sports (which more than a few Avira employees took advantage of the next day after the party). And Friedrichshafen, beside the lake, offers shops and creative art displays, with enough cultural presence that a Russian ballet company from Moscow is on the schedule in coming weeks. It’s no wonder that Avira is one of the region’s biggest employers … I mean, who wouldn’t want to live and party here?!