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Full Version: Nero TuneItUp FREE New Software
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I’m ecited and look forward to comments
Nero (Official Rep) 15 days ago
Here ´s a first look at Nero TuneItUp. Let it find and fix PC problems that slow you down.
Not available on the website yet, here`s a direct download link:
Nero TuneItUp Free

Nero TuneItUp FREE (which does not time out) features:

• Recycle Bin Cleaner – Securely shreds files in the recyle bin so that they cannot be restored
• Browser Cleaner - Deletes digital traces left behind when you browse the internet
• Registry Cleaner – Checks and repairs the Windows Registry
• Uninstall Manager – Thoroughly removes unwanted programs
• Data Manager – Quickly finds largest files and folders on your PC by type and size
• High-Speed Mode switch – temporarily disables rarely-used services and functions to maximize gaming and video playback performance

Nero TuneItUp PRO is a paid upgrade and unlocks the following power features:

• AutoStart Optimizing – reduces Windows startup time by stopping unnecessary services or processes
• Internet Tuning – analyses and optimizes internet settings for IE and Firefox
• Windows Services Optimizing – scans and identifies important, optional and unnecessary background services
• Power Saver – Reduces the power consumption on notebooks and desktops
• Windows Settings – automatically optimizes Windows settings and allows easy customization
• Driver Update – checks against curated driver database of over 35000 drivers for outdated drives
• Software Update – checks against curated popular software application database for outdated minor-version updates
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Where is the direct download link? See nowhere!
(07-16-2015, 05:55 PM)hakah Wrote: Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
Where is the direct download link? See nowhere!

First line in the post of mrtrout !