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Full Version: Application Lock for Free (Android)
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Quote:Application Lock for Free

Safeguard your personal information with Application Lock! Protect all or select apps, restrict access to your mail, calls, messages or photos or choose which apps on your phone or tablet can be used with or without a password. Unlike device lock, Application Lock comes handy when you pass your phone to someone and want to make sure they won’t be able to access or modify your personal information.

Application Lock is easy, fast and efficient. Choose between using a passcode or a swipe gesture to unlock.

With Application Lock, you can lock access to all apps on your device or select individual apps to be locked. You can set Application Lock to request unlock every time an app is launched or make it relock apps after a certain timeout. Needless to say, access to Application Lock itself is securely protected with a passcode or swipe lock. The app starts automatically and cannot be force closed or uninstalled without entering your unlock password.

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If you find the app useful, please rate it and contact the developer at support@softorbits.com to get the code for the version with updates!