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Full Version: McAfee Free Antivirus Beta Released
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McAfee Free Antivirus released for download

By Razvan Serea · 3 hours ago McAfee Free Antivirus is the latest antivirus offering from Intel Security. When you use McAfee Free Antivirus, you get real-time protection from viruses and spyware that doesn't slow you down.

With real-time malware detection, you'll always have the most up to date protection. And because it relies on the cloud, McAfee Free Antivirus don't take up much space on your device and won't impact performance. This reserves your computer’s power to run the other programs you use, keeping your device quick and reliable. It also means you'll always get up-to-the-minute protection.

McAfee Free Antivirus Beta notes:

McAfee Free Antivirus Beta will not run with other Anti-Virus programs. When you install McAfee Free Antivirus, you’ll be asked to uninstall any other antivirus programs on your device.
If you have an existing McAfee product license, you must decide whether you want give up the additional features of that app. These features might include protection for your other devices, identity protection and password management, data privacy, parental controls, and phone support.

Download page: McAfee Free Antivirus Beta | 1.1 MB (Freeware)
View: McAfee Free Antivirus Beta Home Page : beta.mcafee.com/betamcafee/NextGenAVLP.aspx ntroducing McAfee® Free Antivirus Beta

Free Antivirus software for your PC*.
Visit beta.mcafee.com to join

Fast. Powerful. Easy to use.

FREE Next Generation security software that protects against online threats
Real-time scanning managed from the cloud so it won’t bog down your Windows PCs and tablets
Get early access to try out groundbreaking NEW features and give us feedback on how to improve them…or ditch them altogether

McAfee® Free Antivirus Beta

Join today and download McAfee’s newest Antivirus software for FREE onto any Windows PC or tablet running Windows 7 or later.*
*Minimum System Requirements 2003-2015 McAfee : Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
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