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Full Version: Desktop Application & Email Addon FREE FOR YOU(Comodo)
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cverify.comodo.com/for-you.php?key5sk1=93c4ba0608c1691e597accbe58374d25aea5d335 Desktop Application & Email Addon

A new technology to defend against phishing attacks, the greatest threat to your security online.
The internet is like a giant pond, and we are the fish.
Cybercriminals disguise themselves as trusted
entities in order to trick us into clicking, opening, or
replying to malicious emails.
Case scenario

You receive an email from your bank and displayed within it is your bank’s logo. You may think this email is trusted because you see your bank’s logo so you click the link and submit your login credentials. A cybercriminal now has access to your bank account. Did you know anyone can use your bank’s logo, or any business’s logo for that matter, in an email or on a website? That is, until now. cVerify Extensions are the first verification engine to validate what you see on the internet. cVerify extensions are putting an end to the phishing problem, and it starts with you. You may think you can spot a phishing attempt, but cybercriminals are becoming more convincing and creative every day. Research shows that for every 10 emails you receive, there is one phishing attack amongst them.
You are being targeted. Will you be a victim?
Get a free desktop application
Destktop Application
Get A Free Email Extension
Thunderbird extension
Outlook Add-on
Desktop Application

cVerify Desktop application will protect you from phishing attacks during your web browsing in any browser application if the logo displayed on the site is invalid.
Email Addon

Using both image and text analysis, cVerify email addon will analyze the entire email (text and images), plus any links contained within the email to search for indications of an invalid website and/or logo use.
What is phishing?

Phishing is the practice of infiltrating or infecting a network by disguising emails and/or websites to look familiar to the user. This can lead to users being tricked into downloading malware or purchasing products from fake companies.

Example scenario:

Jim receives a phishing email that appears to come from his bank, but is actually from a hacker. The email tells him that, because of upgrades to the bank’s security systems, he needs to go to his online banking site and reset his login credentials. The message says to simply click on the link provided in the email.

The link takes Jim to a website that looks like his real banking site, but is actually operated by the fraudsters. When Jim enters his login credentials, he unwittingly gives the criminals access to his account. Jim has just become a victim of financial fraud. It’s that simple.
Do I have to pay for cVerify applications?

No. cVerify Applications are provided to consumers at no charge. Why? Comodo is working to solve the phishing problem, and it starts with you. The more consumers who install the cVerify Anti-Phishing applications, the safer the internet becomes for everyone. You can be a part of our mission to rid the internet of Phishing scams for good by simply protecting yourself with cVerify.
What is logo detection? Why are you only using this method?

Once you have installed the anti-phishing extension, every email you view and page you visit will be monitored and analyzed for fake phishing logos. For example, when you visit a website, cVerify uses its patented image processing technology to determine if the logo you’re viewing is being used by a legitimate site or a phishing site. If an untrusted logo is found, cVerify draws a red “X” over the logo to alert you of the untrusted webpage. cVerify’s heuristic algorithm will detect every kind of phishing attack, even if it is an unknown threat, i.e. zero-day threat.
How dangerous is phishing?

Phishing attacks are an ongoing threat and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many people fall for phishing scams because the phishing emails and websites can look extremely convincing, including the actual logos of the companies they are impersonating. Through a combination of social engineering and malware, even the most knowledgeable customers of well-known brands can be deceived into sharing valuable personal information.

Phishing happens every day; it is only a matter of time before you, or someone you know, becomes a victim. This is why validating what we see on the internet is vital to ending the phishing problem.

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