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Full Version: Free Internet Child Safety Kit
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1. free Child Safety Kit:

Keep Your Children Safe

Our free Child Safety Kit shows you how to teach your children:

*Which strangers to ask for help when no trusted adults are available.
*How to recognize dangerous situations.
*How to respond to those dangerous situations correctly.

Also included in the 24 page Kit is special information on:

*Special no-scare methods for each age group.
*Recording your child's fingerprints in the privacy of your home.
*Sampling and storing your child's DNA in your own home.

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2. Free Internet Safety Kit Today:

Order Your Free Internet Safety Kit Today

The Polly Klaas® Foundation's Internet Safety Kit contains guidance for parents on ways to:

*Keep your children safer online.
*Help open communications about the Internet with your children.
*The Kit also includes a free download of Wired With Wisdom, an Internet
safety training program for parents from Web Wise Kids.

When you order a Kit, we will email you the link to download the Kit. You will be able to download the complete and unabridged Kit, and print as many copies as you need. (Due to the high cost of international postage, we are unable to mail outside the US.)

In addition, you will receive information about downloading Wired With Wisdom.

Get it => Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
i didn't try this, but thanks
Never heard about it...anyway thanks for the share.
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