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Full Version: Soft Organizer - 100% Off
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Quote:Soft Organizer lets you completely detect, uninstall, and remove traces of programs, while checking for new program versions automatically. With Soft Organizer, you’ll not only be able to cleanly remove programs installed prior to Soft Organizer, you’ll be able to install new programs going forward while recording all system changes, to empower complete and total uninstalls.

And in case you have programs that aren’t being tracked, Soft Organizer comes with a powerful search function that finds all traces of any program that you specify. Do you have a graveyard of old applications that you used once, but found to be terrible? Soft Organizer rates your apps so that you can identify and delete unused and low-quality programs!

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Great News! Chemtable Software has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!