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Full Version: Sideshow High End Collectibles
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Just wanted to share this website I came across the other day. I was simply amazed at the level of detail in these collectibles.

Quote:Sideshow Collectibles is a specialty manufacturer of movie, film, television and proprietary collectible figures, statues and high end pieces.

Featuring properties such as Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Disney, Predator, G.I. Joe and Indiana Jones, Sideshow artisans are sculptors, model makers, painters and costumers, whose combined efforts result in the creation of original designs and detailed likenesses of pop culture icons, including film and television monsters, villains, heroes, mystical creatures of fantasy, and legendary figures from history. Recognized as a quality manufacturer, Sideshow has been highlighted in national trade and specialty toy publications, where its collectible 12-inch figures and polystone statues have been awarded "Best of the Year."

Sideshow Collectibles is also the exclusive distributor of Hot Toys collectible figures in the United States, North and South America, Europe, Australia and throughout most Asian countries.

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and have a look.

My 2 cents - Boy I tell you, toys and action figures when I was young never looked like this. Nor were they this expensive either. For me, it is just nice to look at.