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Full Version: [Forum Exclusive] Google Music Invitation Giveaway
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I have Google Music Invites to give away to forum members. If anybody is interested then he/she can post a reply in this thread.

1. Post a simple comment saying that you want a invite and private message me your email address and I will send your invite.

2. Please note that I need email address to send out the invite.

3. Once your invited you will each have eight invites of your own to give out to family members and friends.

Please Note that Music Beta is currently only available in the United States.


Finally out of beta, you no longer need an invite to use the free Google Music service. For now, it's available to anyone in the U.S. with a Google account.

Read all about it ----> HERE
Nice one Mike,.

edit.. google sent me invite, so take me out of it Smile.. thanks again for the share though Smile

What a fantastic opportunity, Mike! . . . it's great of you to offer these invites! Please add my name for consideration. Thank you!
Gimme one please, thanks !
Great contest, please count me in!
thanks Mike my friend for your giveaway... please don't count me in
Nice giveaway.don't count me in
Because I love music, so I want to the Google Music Invitation.
Please count me in... Smile
Thanks for this giveaway! Smile
Thanks a lot for the giveaway! Its a nice program. I would like to have one. Smile
Please Count me Dude.
It's an interesting to try this new offer from Google.

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