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Full Version: Angry Birds Rio Giveaway
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Quote: Register with Intel AppUp Center by September 29, get a FREE copy of the Angry Birds Rio app—then help the birds help their friends from the film Rio. New registrants only.
thanks MIKE
thanks dude
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I have tested to see if Intel AppUp is needed to launch Angry Birds Rio after it has been installed, unfortunately it seems you must have Intel AppUp installed to run Angry Birds Rio.
[Image: imxuvvaoa.jpg]

But there is one thing you can do, you can disable the program from starting up at windows start,but you must actually launch Intell AppUp from the shortcut before you can play the game, it has to be running and minimized before you can play.

1.Hit the windows button and R button on your keyboard this will bring up command prompt.
2. Type msconfig then enter.
3. select the startup tab and disable the services i have highlighted in this picture.
[Image: fvxixhaehz.jpg]

you could take it step further and use ccleaner to delete the startups all together if you like with no ill effects.
Thanks for share Smile
yes tom you are right, that crap intel appup is required to run it. I previously tested it when they gave away angry birds with intel appup, couple of months ago.